The Buattini Moro Monti & Partners firm was founded after the war, at the beginning of the establishment of the profession of Certified Accountants and soon became one of the first firms in Veneto and proved to be a step ahead of what would become the modern evolution of the firms, involving diverse individuals with diverse professional competencies.
Strongly rooted in the northeast territory of Italy, the firm deals with many complex professional issues everyday working with companies operating in various sectors. These are businesses for which every decision must be made with a perspective view and on a large scale, from corporate and tax planning to contracts, management oversight and corporate finance.
The firm’s activities have always been particularly focused on providing assistance and advice in the areas of taxation, business, corporate and administrative law even including professional support for extraordinary corporate transactions, surveys and technical expertise, as well as statutory auditing activities and audit committee activities.
The firm has recently increased its legal department with the entry of lawyers as new firm partners, which will also guarantee clients legal assistance and advice in the areas of commercial, corporate, international, industrial and intellectual property law. The team, which has vast national and international experience, is able to assist clients on both domestic and international matters.
The firm has also expanded its services providing assistance to indebted clients, through the provision of debt restructuring plans with the scope of resolving their financial problems.
The team of accountants and lawyers who today make up the firm is engaged in professional activities with leading Italian companies on a daily basis.


The firm's policy is to provide dedicated and customized services to its clients.
The winning feature over the more than fifty-year history of the firm, which leads to client loyalty, is to provide preferential treatment to each personal relationship, acting as a trusted partner to whom clients can turn to for any need.
The firm's mission is to offer a professional team can provide a full range of tax advisory services and legal, corporate, accounting, administrative, and organizational services. We are able to work closely with one another, so as to meet the needs of each client, who increasingly seeks professional excellence in the services rendered and combined with personalized continuous attention based on a direct relationship of trust with our professionals. With this goal in mind, the firm has set a goal for itself of not only assisting its clients by providing them with timely assistance in all the necessary areas and technical know-how, but, above all, by continuously assisting them and "escorting" and offering them continuous professional and human support.
The firm’s most valuable asset is its reputation, which can only grow with client satisfaction from the results generated by our professionals.


We founded our firm on the fundamental element that we consider essential: specialization. Our work is carried out horizontally, that is, multiple professionals follow each business client, each with his or her own specific skills. This is because the fast pace of the changing face of legislation requires us to share with and rely upon different professional with varying expertise in the firm. Nevertheless, each client has a designated professional who acts as its reference point and intermediary with the other professionals, which leads to more attentive and efficient management.
The increasingly frequent and effective socio-economic and technological changes in the world today pose new problems and increasingly complex problems to companies and these problems must be responded to with operative solutions in a timely manner.
To appropriately respond to these needs we see ourselves as partners with our clients, putting a team at their full disposal in which each professional is able to combine the best of their expertise with the expertise of their colleagues and, where necessary, with that of other national and international external experts.
This interdisciplinary collaboration and our overall vision enable us to propose solutions that extend beyond the limits of individual issues or specific local situations.
All of the firm professionals operate taking into consideration the highest professional standards, never far from the complete and unconditional adherence to ethical standards that govern our professions.
Both internally and in all external relationships and, especially towards our clients, every firm professional or collaborator is required to uphold the utmost respect of the principles of fairness, transparency, honesty and professional independence.
Aware that trust is a key value in the relationships with our partners, the firm asks of all of our professionals or consultants the utmost confidentiality in the handling of client information.